Rebus readings: Sarasvati hieroglyph compositions

Rebus readings: Sarasvati hieroglyph compositions is an ebook on: Orthographic elements in Sarasvati hieroglyptic compositions included in

The objective of this ebook (addendum to Sarasvati hieroglyph dictionary) is to demonstrate that each one of the orthographic elements identified from epigraphs of Sarasvati civilization, can be read rebus in mleccha speech, and the Sarasvati hieroglyptic compositions explained in reference to mine-work/smithy/forge/mint working with minerals, metals, alloys. The pictorial motifs are so emphatic and precise, that they dominate the entire limited space offered by inscribed objects, thus relegating the ‘signs’ to a very small left-over space. Pictorial motifs are definitive messages complemented by the signs also as hieroglyphs.

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Dr. S. Kalyanaraman 27 March 2008

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