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Epigraphica Sarasvati (Sarasvati hieroglyphs or Indus script inscriptions) Slide show

10 April 2008

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This composition of a person seated in penance (kamad.ha) is entirely made up of glyptic elements read rebus as hieroglyphs related to the repertoire of a smithy and the professional competence/possessions of a metalsmith. Glyptic elements are either pictorial motifs (including for example: animals, pedestal, corn-sheaf, buffalo horns) or normalised glyphs called 'signs' -- such as 'rim of narrow-necked jar' or 'claws of a crab' or a 'standing person's body'.

Examples of rebus readings of hieroglyphs (glyptic elements):

kamad.ha 'penance'(Pkt.); rebus: kampat.t.am 'mint'(Ta.) [camman.am 'sitting cross-legged'(Ta.Ma.); saman.a 'ascetic'(Pkt.Pali)]
tha_ttha_r 'buffalo horns'; t.hat.hera 'brass worker'.
cu_d.a 'tiger's mane'; rebus: cu_l.a 'furnace'.
kolmo 'three (faces)'; rebus: kolimi 'forge'.
mukha 'face'; rebus: mu~h 'ingot'.
kamarsa_la 'waistband'; kamar 'blacksmith'; sala 'workshop'.
kod.u 'bracelet'; rebus: kod. 'workshop'.
(L) {N} ``^raised ^platform for ^puja''. #34282; rebus: mand.a_ 'warehouse'.
me_t.u = a heap, stack; rick, as of hay (Te.) ; rebus: med. 'iron'.
krammara 'look back' (as antelope); rebus: kamar, karma_ra 'blacksmith'.
mr..eka 'antelope'; rebus: milakkhu 'copper' (Pali)
kol 'tiger'; rebus: kol 'alloy of five metals, furnace'.
kat.avai 'leap, jump'; rebus: kad.avu 'turning lathe'; vikalpa: d.a_t. to hop, jump (Kond.a); rebus: datu 'mineral'.
ibha 'elephant'; rebus: ib 'iron'.
bara_ boar (A.B.);rebus: bhar 'oven'.
kat.iya_ buffalo heifer (G.); rebus: ka_t.i, furnace (trench)(Ta.)
khag 'rhinoceros'; rebus: kang 'portable furnace'.

Excerpts from notes after J.M.Kenoyer on imagesofasia.com and harappa.com on Sarasvati civilization images and a few hieroglyphs from Sarasvati writing system.