Arrow hieroglyphs on Kandiyur megalithic pots

Megalithic pots with arrow-work graffiti found (April 2008) at Sembiankandiyur village in Nagapattinam district.

Reading and meaning: metal casting workshop (with furnace). The pots might have been used to transport cast metal (ingots). Cf. d.ha_l.ako = a large metal ingot (G.)

dol ‘likeness, picture, form’ (Santali)
d.ol ‘arrow’ (Santali)
Rebus: dul ‘cast metal in a mould’ (Santali)

ka_n.d.a ‘arrow’ (G.); rebus: kan.d. ‘altar, furnace’ (Santali).
s’al (arrow); Rebus: s’al (workshop).

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