Seal find from Afghanistan showing a spearing motif

Olaf Sprenger has reported (September 2008) a new seal find from Afghanistan showing the unique yet recurring motif of a person kicking and spearing a bison (bull):

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The mleccha reading of the motif is as follows:
Mlecchita vikalpa (cryptography): kolsa = to kick the foot forward (Santali) kola = killing (Te.)
Mleccha (words from Sarasvati civilization linguistic area) Rebus: kol = metal; pancaloha (Ta.) kol, kolhe, ‘the koles, an aboriginal tribe if iron smelters speaking a language akin to that of Santals’ (Santali) kol = kollan-, (blacksmith or smith in general)(Ta.lex.) kollar = those who guard the treasure (Ta.lex.) cf. golla (Telugu) khol, kholi_ = a metal covering; a loose covering of metal or cloth (G.)
I do not know how to interpret the pair of rectangles. The slightly atrophied sign 'claws of crab' can be read.
claws of crab: kakr.a_; cf. karkat.i_ 'female crab' (Skt.) rebus: kangar 'furnace' (Kashmiri).

The seal can thus be identified as denoting the furnace (kangar) of a smelter (kolhe).

12 Sept. 2008

Spearing a buffalo/bull/bison: a Sarasvati hieroglyptic composition

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