A Sanchi sculptural frieze is an Indus Script hypertext, details metalwork

Five cobra-hoods protect a smelter (roofed hut), signified by fire-altar
Brāhmaṇa offer their prayers. In the bottom register, safflowers, spathe of palm, five trees and two aquatic bird are showne. These are hieroglyphs.

Hieroglyph: फणि m. a serpent (only gen. pl. फण्/ईनाम्Suparn2.; फणिन् [p= 716,2] m. " hooded " , a serpent (esp. Coluber नागKa1v. Katha1s. Pur. Rebus: फणिन् n. (prob.) tin or lead Ka1lac.

rāngo ‘water buffalo bull’ (Ku.N.)(CDIAL 10559) Rebus: rango ‘pewter’. ranga, rang pewter is an alloy of tin, lead, and antimony (anjana) (Santali).  Hieroglyhph: buffalo: Ku. N. rã̄go ʻ buffalo bull ʼ (or < raṅku -- ?).(CDIAL 10538, 10559) Rebus: raṅga3 n. ʻ tin ʼ lex. [Cf. nāga -- 2, vaṅga -- 1Pk. raṁga -- n. ʻ tin ʼ; P. rã̄g f., rã̄gā m. ʻ pewter, tin ʼ (← H.); Ku. rāṅ ʻ tin, solder ʼ, gng. rã̄k; N. rāṅrāṅo ʻ tin, solder ʼ, A. B. rāṅ; Or. rāṅga ʻ tin ʼ, rāṅgā ʻ solder, spelter ʼ, Bi. Mth. rã̄gā, OAw. rāṁga; H. rã̄g f., rã̄gā m. ʻ tin, pewter ʼ; Si. ran̆ga ʻ tin ʼ.(CDIAL 10562) B. rāṅ(g) ʻ tinsel, copper -- foil ʼ.(CDIAL 10567) తుత్తము [ tuttamu ] or తుత్తరము tuttamu. [Tel.] n.sulphate of zinc. మైలతుత్తము sulphate of copper, blue-stone.తుత్తినాగము [ tuttināgamu ] tutti-nāgamu. [Chinese.] n. Pewter. Zinc. లోహవిశేషము (Telugu)

kamaṭa 'portable furnace for melting precious metals' rebus: kammaṭa 'mint, coiner, coinage' Ta. kampaṭṭam coinage, coin. Ma. kammaṭṭam, kammiṭṭam coinage, mint. Ka. kammaṭa id.; kammaṭi a coiner (DEDR 1236)

kuṭhi 'sacred, divine, tree' rebus, kuṭhi 'a furnace for smelting iron ore'

Hieroglyph: sippī f. ʻspathe of date palmʼ Rebus: sippi 'artificer, craftsman'.

karaṭa2 m. ʻ Carthamus tinctorius ʼ lex. karaṭa1 m. ʻ crow ʼ BhP., °aka -- m. lex. [Cf. karaṭu -- , karkaṭu -- m. ʻ Numidian crane ʼ, karēṭu -- , °ēṭavya -- , °ēḍuka -- m. lex., karaṇḍa2 -- m. ʻ duck ʼ lex: see kāraṇḍava -- ] Hieroglyph: Aquatic bird: Pk. karaḍa -- m. ʻ crow ʼ, °ḍā -- f. ʻ a partic. kind of bird ʼ; S. karaṛa -- ḍhī˜gu m. ʻ a very large aquatic bird ʼ; L. karṛā m., °ṛī f. ʻ the common teal ʼ.(CDIAL 2787) kāraṇḍava m. ʻ a kind of duck ʼ MBh. [Cf. kāraṇḍa- m. ʻ id. ʼ R., karēṭu -- m. ʻ Numidian crane ʼ lex.: see karaṭa -- 1Pa. kāraṇḍava -- m. ʻ a kind of duck ʼ; Pk. kāraṁḍa -- , °ḍaga -- , °ḍava -- m. ʻ a partic. kind of bird ʼ; S. kānero m. ʻ a partic. kind of water bird ʼ < *kāreno.(CDIAL 3059)

Hieroglyp: safflower: Pk. karaḍa -- m. ʻ safflower ʼ, °ḍā -- f. ʻ a tree like the karañja ʼ; M. karḍī°ḍaī f. ʻ safflower, Carthamus tinctorius and its seed ʼ.(CDIAL 2788) Rebus:  करडा (p. 78) karaḍā Hard from alloy--iron, silver &c. (Marathi) bas-relief writing: The arrangement of bars or embossed lines (plain or fretted with little knobs) raised upon a तार of gold by pressing and driving it upon the अवटी or grooved stamp. Such तार is used for the ornament बुगडी, for the hilt of a पट्टा or other sword &c. Applied also to any similar barform or line-form arrangement (pectination) whether embossed or indented; as the edging of a rupee &c.