Sarasvati hieroglyph dictionary (Update 31 March 2008)

Reading glyphs on epigraphs found on Sarasvati River Basin sites

Reading Sarasvati hieroglyphs on Bhirrana seals

Rebus readings: Sarasvati hieroglyph compositions

Orthographic elements in Sarasvati hieroglyptic compositions

Writing to encode mleccha speech

Sarasvati hieroglyphs from Charsadda (Bala Hissar)

Buffalo horns as Sarasvati hieroglyph (brassworker)

Reading svastika glyph as zinc, zinc retort distillation furnace

Tree as a Sarasvati hieroglyph

Dholavira inscriptions of smithy/mint

Reading new Bhirrana seals with Sarasvati hieroglyphs

A Sarasvati (Indus) seal on auction : possessions of a miner-smith

Sarasvati: Vedic river and Bharatiya civilization

Soma, electrum

Sarasvati: A search for the Vedic River (2000)

Sarasvati in 7 volumes (2003). Author: S. Kalyanaraman

Harvard Donkey Trial and researches on domestication of donkey, horse

The ageless tale of a Bhirrana potsherd; dance as a hieroglyph

Indus script encodes mleccha speech ( tribute to artisans who invented alloying and a writing system, ca. 4k yrs ago